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thumb_01_60_60Rita Barns

Social Media Manager

Since taking Estelle’s energy assessment and following her coaching, I’ve discovered what drives me, and the tendencies that drag me down. Her strategies led me to combat the negativity that drains energy and to focus on the positive which leads to vitality. To say she’s improved my career would be an understatement, her program has changed my life.


thumb_02_60_60Jay Parsons

Founder/CEO Big Time Tailgate

The coaching helped me to stay focused and continue forward in formation of my business. I would say it is the totality of all the accomplishments, keeping on moving forward when things looked uncertain.


thumb_03_60_60Jaye Apperson

Licensed Realtor

Estelle helps me sort my thoughts into manageable goals. She's a natural with keeping me on track in a way that gives me clarity and makes me feel good about my accomplishments. She helps me focus which results in improvement and enhancement of my skill set.